Moving Digits Workshop 2

17-20th June 2019, M-ITI, Funchal, Madeira Island (Portugal)

Presentation of Prototypes


DAY 1 – 17/June – INTRODUCTION (Location: M-ITI, -1 floor)

  • (optional) 09:15h meeting in center of Funchal to assist in travel to M-ITI (email sent to participants regarding this)
  • 10:00h Welcome, plan for the workshop (1h 30m)
  • 11:30h Introduction to prototypes (1h)
  • 12:30h Lunch break (1h)
  • 13:30h Warm-up (1h 30m)
  • 15:00h Prototypes interactive demos (3h, until 18:00h) 

DAY 2 – 18/June – DISCUSSING & PLANING (Location: M-ITI, -2 floor, Classroom)

  • 10:00h M-ITI Tour (1h)
  • 11:00h Initial discussion on prototypes (1h)
  • 12:00h Lunch break (1h)
  • 13:00h Discussion on sound and its connection to prototypes (2h)
  • 15:00h Move around session (30m)
  • 15:30h Call for artistic residency, exercises for day 3, proposals for day 4 (1h 30m, until 17:00h)

DAY 3 – 19/June – CREATING (Location: M-ITI, -1 floor)

  • 10:00h Warm-up (30m)
  • 10:30h Try out ideas and proposals (3h)
  • 13:30h Lunch break (1h)
  • 14:30h Try out ideas and proposals (3h)
  • 17:30h Final discussion (30m, until 18:00h)

DAY 4 – 20/June – TESTING (Location: M-ITI, -1 floor)

  • 10:00h Warm-up (30m)
  • 10:30h Prototypes testing (1h 30m)
  • 12:00h Evaluation of prototypes (1h 30m)
  • 13:30h Lunch break (1h)
  • 14:30h Prototypes testing (1h 30m)
  • 16:00h Evaluation of prototypes (1h 30m)
  • 17:30h Final Conversation (30m, until 18:00h)


The activities took place at M-ITI ( mainly in 3 rooms: Ursa Menor 3 and Ursa Menor 2 in M-ITI floor -1, and Classroom in M-ITI floor-2. The rooms in -1 floor will be used for movement exercises, the room in -2 for discussion and presentations. Rooms in -1 floor can be merged together by removing a separator wall. Dimensions:

  • Ursa Menor 1: 8.02m x 11.20m
  • Ursa Menor 2: 9.90m x 11.20m

The rooms do not have an ideal floor for dance. Therefore, we have borrowed a special foam flooring. In case of preference, this can be removed. The foam flooring is slightly harsh/rough, so it would be ideal for dancers to bring clothes with long sleeves and leggings, to facilitate sliding. We acknowledge this is not a perfect solution regarding floor, but we consider it will be adequate for the exercises we will conduct – mostly exploring the technological prototypes.