A Dance to Remember

You might think that we are trying to do a dance so mesmerizing that will take your breath away. And, indeed, most of the times, we might want to create just that. But, in this particular moment, we have created a dance that struggles to be remembered. It’s a cyberfake about girls, dance and inner spaces. This short piece is a cosy chat between Kadri, an Estonian, Torino based performer and Zelda, a fake AI, that mirrors Kadri’s mind. Sometimes deep and poetic, sometimes selfironic and pragmatical, this conversation talks about the act of remembering what a movement felt like, when it was first created. In the meantime, we are deconstructing the magical and the spectacular and replacing it with an honest vizualization and verbalization of the process of creating the dance itself. We are asking ourselves what aspects from the invisible act of performing we choose to disclose to the audience. Two types of narratives emerge, linked by the way we experience time and movement. They come together to speak about co-presence, with self-awarness, passsion and humour. Technology steps in the process, either as a subtle link facilitator or as a fake maker. It’s this idea of fakeness that interests us the most and, more specifically – where does the border between the true and the fake lie, while trying to create a reality based fictional dance. 

Concept and choreography: Simona Deaconescu with Kadri Sirel (dancer)

Visuals, sound and interaction by, respectively: Stephan Jürgens, Raul Masu and Jochen Feitsch, with animations by André Carrilho

Moving Digits: Augmented Dance for Engaged Audience. Project no. 597398-CREA-1-2018-1-PT-CULT-COOP1, co-funded by Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme, 2018 – Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Union.