Showings (long videos)

Connection Retrieval, 26/10/2019, Tanzhaus NRW

E-motional Landscapes, 26/10/2019, Tanzhaus NRW

The Beautiful Glitch, 26/10/2019, Tanzhaus NRW

Short Videos

Moving Digits Workshop 4, 3/2020, Tallinn

Moving Digits Workshop 3, 10/2019, Düsseldorf

Moving Digits Artistic Residency, 8/2019, Tallinn

Moving Digits Workshop 2, 6/2019, Funchal

Moving Digits Workshop 1, 2/2019, Tallinn

Constellation of the Flesh

Moving Digits Sound System, 10/5/2019, Funchal

Moving Digits: Augmented Dance for Engaged Audience 
Project no. 597398-CREA-1-2018-1-PT-CULT-COOP1, co-funded by Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme, 2018 – Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Union.