Digital / Human VR

VR project inspired by ideas developed in Moving Digits Workshop 4 by Maria Pyatkova. Its theme is the tension between digital and human, and how technology risks absorbing our individuality.

Video preview:

Download VR experience >>>


System Requirements:

  • VR ready computer system
  • Steam VR compatible VR system (HTC Vive systems recommended)


  • Download and unpack files.
  • Set your VR system up (seated/standing calibration is sufficient).
  • No controllers needed.

Run (for “Build”):

  • Run “MODI VR.exe”, immediately put on VR headset.
  • If you have a second person available that can assist you, first put on your VR headset, then let the person assisting you start the application.


  • VR by Christin Willscheid (developer), Jochen Feitsch (coordinator) and Stephan J├╝rgens (visual designer).
  • Concept and movement: Maria Pyatkova
  • Informed by The Beautiful Glitch, original artistic concept by Sylvia Rijmer
  • Additional dancer: Ella Tighe
  • Video soundtrack: Raul Masu