Movement / Space / Light VR

VR project inspired by the choreography E-motional Landscapes by Outi Valanto and collaborators. The project has 2 parts: Movement / Space and Movement / Light.

About E-motional Landscapes (from project description):

This project examines the connection between imaginative and emotional perception, and the actual physical space through the moving body. (…) It presents invisible landscapes of mind from the dancers, anticipates the movers’ way to create mapping of the space and reveals how maneuvering in spatiality happens by the dancers in real architectural space as well as in connection to their own perception. E-motional Landscapes opens up the various aspects that constitutes the act of mapping like the primary human condition to direct towards light (…)

Video previews:

Download Movement / Space VR experience >>>

Download Movement / Light VR experience >>>


System Requirements:

  • VR ready computer system
  • Steam VR compatible VR system (HTC Vive systems recommended)


  • Download and unpack files. 
  • Set your VR system up (seated/standing calibration is sufficient). 
  • No controllers needed.

Run (for “Movement-Space”/”Movement-Light”):

  • Run “DanceVisuals.exe”. Place the VR headset on the chair/on the floor where you want to use it, facing in the direction you want to be “front” in VR. Click “Reset viewer position”. Click “Start”, immediately put on the VR headset.
  • If you have a second person available that can assist you, first put on your VR headset, then let the person assisting you start the application. Face in the direction, that you want to be “front”, and ask the person assisting you to click “Reset viewer position”, then “Start”.


  • VR by Alexander Giesbrecht (developer), Jochen Feitsch (coordinator) and Stephan Jürgens (visual designer).
  • Original concept: Outi Valanto
  • Dancer: Charlotte Triebus
  • Video soundtrack – Movement / Space: Raul Masu
  • Video soundtrack – Movement / Light: Nuno Correia
Motion capture session for the project, with Charlotte Triebus