Moving Digits Technical Workshop, M-ITI, Funchal

During the week of 6-10/May, the Moving Digits project held a technical workshop at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), with its main technological partners: M-ITI (Nuno Correia, Stephan Jürgens, Raul Masu), Hochschule Düsseldorf (Jochen Feitsch) and Plux (William Primett). It also marked the start of a one-month residency of William Primett at M-ITI. The main objective was to test out technical solutions for dance, in advance of a major workshop to be held at M-ITI, 17-20/June. These solutions combine motion tracking and biosignals on the input side, with generative graphics and sound on the output side. In addition, we wanted to present the project to the broader M-ITI, University of Madeira and Funchal audiences. Regarding the latter objective, we organised 2 talks: one at M-ITI (8/May), with Stephan Jürgens, Jochen Feitsch and William Primett presenting their research; and another at University of Madeira (10/May), to Sports Science students and staff, where Nuno Correia presented the Moving Digits project. We also organised a performance showcasing our sound design solutions, at Barreirinha Bar Café (10/May), under the name “Moving Digits Sound System” – with Raul Masu, Nuno Correia and William Primett. This attracted local media attention, and an interested audience.

Moving Digits Sound System 1